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How To Get Insanity Certified!


 How To Get INSANITY Certified!


Did you know that you can get certified to teach Insanity and P90X at your gym? It’s an awesome way for fitness professionals to spice up their clients’ workouts. Or for someone who’s enjoyed the programs to take it to the next level.

The following message is from  Team Beachbody the company that produces the Insanity workouts. It will explain everything. Be sure to read the entire article as there is important info at the end!

Add INSANITY<sup>®</sup> classes to your Gym

AddINSANITY<sup>®</sup>classes to your Gym

Getting Certified to teach the hottest fitness program around will make you the hottest instructor in town.

Ready to up your game? Max out enrollment in your classes? And help your clients get the most INSANE results ever?

Then don’t miss your chance to get INSANITY® Certified.

Imagine how you’ll feel helping people reach their fitness goals. All eyes will be on you as you rip through the most insane workout ever put together—teaching, training, inspiring, and motivating everybody in your class to push past their limits, Dig Deeper®, follow your lead, and get totally ripped.

 Put Your Own Spin On INSANITY!


How crazy is that? You’ll be giving INSANITY your own spin, packing your classes with people looking for a real pro to help them get the kind of INSANE results they never thought they could get.

Ready to up your game? Get Certified. Become an expert on INSANITY. Your reputation will blow up. Your confidence will amp up. Gyms will respect you. And the people you leave dripping in sweat will thank you.

After sales of more than 2 million DVDs, Shaun T’s rocketing rise to fame, and years of requests from gyms and fitness centers for the one workout that everyone wishes they were badass enough to do – INSANITY® Certification is here!

You can sign up today at


For those who are considering an Insanity certification, you may also consider partnering with Team Beachbody as an accountability coach.

Team Beachbody is the company behind Insanity. As an accountability coach, you provide online support others and get your own online store with featuring all of Team Beachbody’s fitness programs, equipment & nutritional products.

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Insanity Certification

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