How to Get the MOST Out of Your Workout Program

There are 3 things that will help you get extreme results with your workout program.   1) EAT RIGHT  Many people start a workout program but disregard the nutrition plan. They think that working out alone will get them the results they want, without changing how they eat. Unfortunately – this is not true! You […]

How Tony Horton Saved My Life

Tony Horton and Alice Dymally

How Tony Horton Saved My Life Well sort of… Tony Horton and Alice Dymally   Tony didn’t push me out of the path of speeding car or anything like that. But I was in a bad place and he got me out of it. Here’s what I mean:   I Gained 50 lbs with My Pregnancy  […]

3 Simple Tips To Prevent Knee Pain While Working Out

3 ways to prevent knee pain during workouts

  3 Tips To Prevent Knee Pain Do you sometimes get knee or joint discomfort when doing an intense workout like Insanity or Turbo Fire? All the jumping & plyometrics can definitely take a toll. The most important thing is of course to always listen to your body! Warming up and stretching is essential every […]

P90X Weight Loss Women: Photos and Answers Revealed

P90X Weight Loss Women featured

P90X Weight Loss Women P90X is a great program for women. In this article P90X Weight Loss Women, I’ll address common questions that may come up for most women when deciding if P90X is right for them. I’ll also share my before and after pics from 2010 when I completed the full program. I lost […]

Breakdown On The Equipment Needed for P90X

equipment needed for p90x

  Is There A Lot Of Equipment Needed for P90X? Wondering about the equipment needed for P90X? This article will tell you what’s required, what’s recommended, as well as what’s non-essential, but nice to have. Some people may think that because P90X is so intense and effective, that it probably requires a ton of equipment. […]

What Supplements Should I Take With P90X: What You Need & Don’t Need

what supplements should i take with p90x

  What Supplements Should I Take With P90X? If you’ve been wondering  What Supplements Should I Take With P90X, you need to see this. You’d be surprised… Before I get to what supplements you should take –  real quick, if you’re doing P90X – Congratulations! If you stick to the plan and “press play” every […]