Focus T25 Results (Before & After Pic)

focus t25 results

  Focus T25 Results (Before & After pic) Last fall I did the Focus T25 workout program. I chose Focus T25 because a) I love Shaun T and b) I needed something that I could commit to. Something that wouldn’t take a ton of time. I have a 4 – almost 5 year old – […]

Focus T25 Accountability Group “Burnout” Meal Guide


Here’s the meal guide for our 7 day “Burnout” in our Focus T25 accountability group. Each day choose one breakfast, lunch & dinner and 2 snacks. Choose your meal options below. Pick what you want each day – you can eat the same thing each day or something different each day – it’s up to […]

Focus T25 Day 1


Focus T25 Day 1 Today is my first day with Focus T25! Below is what I had to eat today.  I’m deviating from the meal plan just a bit to fit my schedule, but I am primarily sticking with the core list of foods provided & snack suggestions. I got home a little later than normal, […]

3 Ways To Get Fit in Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day

3 Ways To Get You Fit in Less Than 30 Minute Per Day When most people think about fitness, they think about spending hours at the gym. But getting in peak physical condition does not necessarily require an excessive amount of time. Actually, you can get fit in less than 30 minutes per day. Starting […]