Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse Review: Lost 9 lbs in 3 Weeks

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“Why I Needed It…”

After having a very tough winter, relocating, starting a new job, and just being out of my rhythm, I looked up one day and realized I had gained about 17 lbs!

…Of course, that weight gain didn’t really happen overnight. It was the result of crappy eating and skipped workouts over the course of a number of months. I kept telling myself “Okay, today is the day I get back on track” and that would last for all of one day (if that). I needed something drastic to get me back on track. I needed something structured  that would provide fast results and that I knew would work  – So I did the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.  I am certainly glad I did. I had the most amazing results, losing 9 lbs in 3 weeks and more important, getting back on track and regaining my sanity. It wasn’t all peaches & cream though. I’ll share with you the best parts of the cleanse as well the challenges.

ultimate reset cleanse review


Ultimate Reset Cleanse – What Is It Really?
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The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a 3 week detox program
. It  is the all-natural alternative to harsh “cleanses” and starvation diets, intended to return your body to optimal health. The goal of Ultimate Reset Cleanse is literally to remove the toxins and garbage from you body and naturally “reset” it the clean bill health you had when as a baby (or as close to it as anything possibly can get).

My Favorite Part Was the Food!

My favorite part of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse was the food for a number of reasons – a) The fact that you actually got to EAT with this detox program. This had prevented me from doing others “cleanses” simply because I don’t like to starve, b) The food really was DELICIOUS! (minus maybe 2 exceptions!) , and c) I LEARNED a tremendous amount – about proper eating, that I could actually go with out meat (I couldn’t believe it), and how greatly what you eat effects EVERYTHING (from how you sleep, to the aches & pains in your joints). The occasional aches in my knees and back went away while doing the Reset.


ultimate reset cleanse review 2
There are three phases of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse – 1) Reclaim, 2) Release 3) Restore. During the cleanse, you follow a specific diet that is laid out for you during the three weeks. It weens you into a pristine diet. You have fish the first day, chicken the second, and beyond that – there’s no more meat on the menu. During week 2 & 3 you are basically eating a vegan diet. Again, I was someone who loaded up on protein primary from meat prior to this cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised at being completely satiated without meat during the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.

Ultimate Reset Cleanse – What You Get

  • Detailed Meal Guide & Recipes with Corresponding Cooking Videos. Tells you exactly what to eat
  • Online Support
  • Specialized Supplements for the Full 3 Weeks

If you’re a microwave maven like myself, don’t worry. They break everything down for you in terms of how to prepare the food with detailed recipes and a “Cooking Class” DVD that comes in the package (very helfpul).  In addition there is a TON of online support. After purchase of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse you receive a log ID and password which will allow you to access the online resources. For each day, there is a video guide of how to prepare at least one of the meals for the day. There are also convenient shopping lists online.

Finally, you’ll received the Ultimate Reset Cleanse supplements: which include mineral salt, alkalinize powder, detox powder (this is the cleanse part), Oxygenize (liquid oxygen) and Optimize (which is a dietary supplement that supports healthy and effective body functions).

Ultimate Reset Cleanse – The Challenges

  • Shopping
  • Food Prep
  • Cost (for some)

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a ton of work. There is a LOT of shopping to do. I really like things fresh, so I would take multiple trips to the super market each week. There is also a LOT of time in the kitchen preparing your food. Those are the two biggest challenges of the whole program. For some people the cost is a challenge. It costs $230. For Beachbody Club Members, you get 10% off. For Beachbody Coaches, you get 25% off. $230 is not a lot to change and possibly save someone’s life. I think it ‘s worth it and then some. Ultimately, I think this Ultimate Reset Cleanse is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. So many people lose their lives or loved ones due to, in some cases, preventable heart disease or other complications from not taking care of themselves. The Ultimate Reset Cleanse also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. That’s a big deal considering it’s only 21 days long!

“Would you do it again?”

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, I am on round 2 right now! I started again 2 days after Thanksgiving 2012. I lost 7 lbs the first week and look forward to posting my results. I’m being more flexible in round 2 substituting certain meals for others, based on what’s convenient.

ultimate reset cleanse review


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