21 Day Fix Review: Day 21

21 Day Fix Review: Day 21

21-Day-FixToday’s workout:  Yoga Fix. (but I didn’t do it)

Today’s nutrition: Bueno

Equipment: Dumbbells or Resistance Band

As I mentioned the other day, I had a medical procedure today. I planned to do my workout beforehand, but I ended up not doing it. The good news is, it was a simple one – Yoga Fix. I did not miss any other workouts these past 21 days.

Today I ate grilled check (2 servings), veggies (2 servings) and a sweet potato. I also had coffee with stevia, a dash of rice milk & a teaspoon of chocolate shakeology. (This was my first time try9ing chocolate shakeology in my coffee. Muy bueno. I liked it.)

Update: Oh yea, I almsot forgot – I also had a turkey dog. (nothing on it, just a turkey dog. I may be an odd ball. I like it cooked in the microwave, a little long until it’s almost burnt lol).

So….tomorrow’s my weigh in. For the record, as I mentioned when I started – I’m not too concerned with the scale. The whole time I was doing P90X I didn’t even weight myself (The numbers f*ck with my mind I tell you!) But since I was documenting my daily progress with 21 Day Fix, I decided to weigh myself.

That being said, it’s an ongoing journey! I”ll be continuing on – probably doing another round of 21 Day Fix, plus mixing in a couple other workouts alone the way. I’ll continue to share my journey….

Time to get summer body ready :)

Fix Fixin’ it up,






P.S. See my final results here.  

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